Stage #1
PQ’r Own Perfume choose your gender

what’s your mood today?

*my desire | my character

my man – that’s me trendy – love casual – let’s put a t-shirt and go. charismatic – powerfull by you dynamically – need to move

What do you feel like today?

*my character

femine – the woman inside you (rich) the casual – for a daily use (fresh) sparkling – shine like a star (hot) desirable – sexy and wanted (full) its all about me – the real me (sweet)

what’s your mood today?

*my self

oceanic – multi tasking | Bramante groundic – organized – no surprises | homee fruitic – nature person | romantic spycic- extreme | top of something | flirting blossomic – relaxed | a lover

What do you feel like today?

*my self

the blossom – soft and calming the spicy – reaching the imposible the fruity – love it as it was the oceanic – give me my space the groundic – please

complete myown perfume – add your favorites

the berries

the fresh

exotic fruit



the ground notes



lets put it in a bottle…

Sizes are for demonstration only

Caps can be issued with silver color

Please write your preference


just to wrap things up

my own first printed line

my own second printed line

who’s gonna get this unique perfume




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anything else you’d like to ask? [free text]

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