My Own Perfume

Build My Own.
Use our 64 ingredients to creat over a milion choices.
All essentional and aromatic oils.
We will be here to help you compose your ultimate perfume blend.
Your one of a kind – signiture!

My Designed Perfume

My character-based perfume design
Pick your personal blend out of our 35 types of character categories
And emphasize who you are.
The end result is a story that reflects your personality.

My Own Atmosphere

My home, My space, My enviroment.
A designed fragrance for your relaxing ambience, like a personal branding.
Just tell us what you need,
who you are and what you like
And we will tailor you ambience for you.

My Own Accessory

Check out our unique perfume-based accessories,
Try the perfume bottle necklace!

My Own Gift

There are many things to choose based on My own perfume!
Your gift pack is uniquely made with your own collection.
Perfumes, ambients, creams and accessories.
Create a pack that’s totally yours!

My Own Toiletry

Love My Own perfume?
Ask for a toiletry product with your ‘one-of-a-kind’ essence.
Body butter, body cream, hand cream, shampoo and conditioner.
Give us a short advanced notice and it will be waiting for you.